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We can restore all types of Media:  DVDs, Blu-Ray, Software, Audio Cassettes, Vinyl Records, 8mm Home Video and VHS Cassette Tapes.   Our technicians will thoroughly clean the media from fire, smoke, water, and mold catastrophes, then provide an accurate count of media at the end of the restoration process.


We know the importance of stored data. When disaster strikes, we offer data recovery of the insured’s most valuable data. Our recovery technician will extract all the files and information stored on the insured’s hard drive and relocate the data onto a new external hard drive that can be linked to the insured’s new computer by USB.  We match the hard drive storage space, so if the insured started with a 500 GB hard drive, they will have the same amount of storage capacity returned.  


We offer on-site appliance evaluation and restoration. Our appliance technician can perform an on-site cleaning and testing of all large home appliances. We can perform services on Refrigerators, Ranges, Dishwashers, Microwaves, Washer, and Driers. Whether the appliance is electric or gas, stand alone or in wall, our trained appliance technician can perform restorations services on them all!


Over time, electronics will build and collect a lot of dust and pollutants from the air. If not properly maintained, a layer of dust will act as a heat conductor and will cause hardware to overheat and malfunction. The possibility of power surging and damaging the circuit boards of electronics are a factor of both negligence and poor cleaning of the internal hardware over time. Proper hardware maintenance will help keep electronics running smoother, faster and extend its life expectancy.


We offer an Annual and Semi - Annual Maintenance Plan for servicing electronics. Our trained technicians will perform an on-site servicing of electronic hardware in as little as one day.


Upon request, we provide basic or advanced hook-ups of all the insured's electronics. A basic hook-up consist of simple electronics, such as computer systems, TVs, stereo equipment, printers, etc. Advanced hook-ups consist of high-end electronics, such as Harman/Kardon stereo equipment, TVs, servers, running wires/cables through walls, and customized setups. Advance hook-ups require advanced notice for appointment setup. Our audio/video technicians have the understanding of the complexity of the insured's needs and wants.     

Our experienced technician analyst has helped several SIU departments with electronic fraud analysis. Our technician will provide detailed evaluation analysis of what caused the damage to electronic devices. With years of experience,  our  knowledgeable technician analyst knows the right questions to ask and what to look for in the surrounding area where the damage occurred.


We offer art restoration from catastrophes of fire, smoke, water, and mold damage. Services offered are:

  • Smoke Residue Removal

  • Surface Dirt Removal

  • Mold Eradication

  • Paint Loss Restoration

  • Discolored Varnish Removal

  • Restretching and Varnishing

  • Repair of Tears, Holes, and Abrasions

  • Lining, Edge Lining of Paintings on Canvas

  • Frame Repair and Regilding

  • Appraisals

Though technology allows us to store our precious photos in digital format, some insured’s store sentimental photos in frames that are placed throughout their home. We offer restoration of the insured’s most precious and valuable photos from fire, smoke, water, and mold damage.  



It can cost a busines time and money for each second that its  blade servers go down due to a catastrophe of fire, smoke, water, or power-surge. One day can be devastating to any business big or small. Our Technicians are able to thoroughly clean and test each blade for full functionality.  


Our IT Technician is Novell and Sysco certified and has years of work experience with both NASA and Siemens as a Network Architect Admin. Our IT Technician is a top professional that will provide the insured top level confidence and security.    


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